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Where can I find the GSPP masters’ projects and PsyD capstones online?

The Graduate School of Professional Psychology has recently migrated its doctoral capstones for the Clinical Psychology program and the masters’ projects for the Sport and Performance Psychology program to the University of Denver’s digital repository, Digital DU. Currently, 140 titles … Continue reading

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What has changed with Summon 2.0?

We recently launched Summon 2.0 – the same Summon you have come to know and love, but with some feature enhancements. Continuous Scrolling of content. No longer do you need to go to “next page,” just keep scrolling, and content … Continue reading

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How do I get started with data visualization?

Data visualization is a way of representing abstract data in an easy-to-understand, concrete fashion. Visualizing datasets can help you and others to understand and discover patterns within the data and to concisely communicate important aspects of a particular dataset. Many … Continue reading

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Do you have Turnitin?

Turnitin, an application that detects plagiarism, is an option available to faculty through Canvas, the new management learning system that DU has changed to. Instructions for enabling it are at : If instructors want students to use it, “A workaround … Continue reading

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How do I get a scanned article from a print periodical located in Hampden Center?

Have you found a citation for an article that we don’t have online, but which we do own in print? The library will scan the article for you. If you found the citation in a bibliography, and don’t know if … Continue reading

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How do I identify an empirical study?

An empirical study is any research that is based on experimentation or observation or quantitative measurement. It can be research in science or social science. The term “empirical” refers to the aspect of the scientific method in which a working … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to Stat Abs?

Since 1879 the Statistical Abstract of the United States has been relied upon to provide annual summary information for demographic, economic, social, and business statistics of the United States. In 2011 the Census Bureau made the difficult decision to close … Continue reading

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