Can I use my tablet computer to read library e-books?

Yes, you can use your ipad, tablet PC, or e-reader to read library e-books! We have a number of e-book collections including:

Books 24×7
Electronic Books Library (EBL)
Springer E-books

How do I find library e-books?
Search the library’s catalog by going to the library’s homepage,, clicking on the “Books, Journals & More” tab, and searching for a book title or a topic. You can then view all of the results of your search that are digital by clicking “Internet” as the “Location” on the left-hand side of the screen.

Note that many physical titles in Penrose Library are also available as e-books. The electronic version of a book will be listed separately in the library catalog. Be sure to look for the term “[electronic resource]” after the book’s title in your search results.

Other ways to find e-books through the library are described in our E-Book Research Guide.

How do I download and print?

The e-book world is complex, with many different tablets and readers (including NOOK, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Kobo) as well as many different e-book providers. The librarians at Penrose Library have created an E-book Research Guide to help you download and print from our different e-book providers using your tablet computer or reader.

This is a fast changing world so please let us know if you have any questions or updates for our Research Guide ( or 303-871-2905).

Happy e-reading!

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