New Video Feature in TLO’s Latin American Spanish

Transparent Language Online (TLO) has added a new feature to the Latin American Spanish language learning program:  videos of real-life situations.  The new section is called “Spanish Conversations,” and is located on the menu to the left, after you select the language:

The five units include short videos in which you learn vocabulary and grammar through situational interactions.

1)  ¿Qué precio tienen? (or “What is the price?”), in which you learn vocabulary related to shopping in a hardware store and encounter idiomatic expressions used in Latin America.

2)  ¿Sabe dónde puedo encontrar…? (or “Do you know where I can find…”), in which you practice asking for directions.

3)  Quisiera hacer una reserva (or “I would like to make a reservation”), in which you learn how to book a flight to Cartagena.

4) ¿A cómo está el cambio? (or “How much is the exchange rate?”), in which you familiarize yourself with vocabulary related to banking.

5)  Buen provecho (or “Enjoy your meal”) in which you learn about a typical meal out in a Colombian restaurant.

In addition to the videos, each unit also has listening, speaking, reading, writing, and pronunciation activities.

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