Does the library offer proctoring services?

Neither the Main Library nor the DU Career Center offer proctoring services. If you need to have an exam proctored, try contacting one of the institutions listed below.

Community College of Denver Testing Center

Located on the Auraria campus in downtown Denver, the CCD Testing center offers proctoring services for students enrolled in distance learning courses at other universities. Fees vary, starting at $30 for a 2-hour proctoring session, and are based on the time required for the test and the format of the test itself.

To schedule an appointment, call 303-556-3810. Note that all exams must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Red Rocks Community College Assessment Center

The Assessment Center at Red Rocks Community College offers proctoring services for students from other institutions. The fee is $25 per test, and the center is located on the Lakewood Campus.

Call 303-914-6720 to schedule an appointment.

Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library, Denver Public Library

Located near downtown Denver, this library offers a very limited number of appointments, based on staff availability. Call 720-865-2401 to schedule an appointment.

Louisville Public Library

Residents of Louisville or Superior who are public library card holders can arrange to have their exams proctored at the Louisville Public Library. One week advance notice is required, and proctoring services are subject to staff availability. This is a free service, although donations are encouraged.

To schedule an appointment, call 303-335-4815.

Douglas County Libraries

DCL offers limited services at three branches: Parker, P.S. Miller, and Highlands Ranch.  It may be easiest to schedule an appointment at the Highlands Ranch branch (303-791-7323), as they have a direct proctoring line which can be accessed by speaking with an employee at the above number. This is a free service.

Sylvan Learning Centers

Offered at the Denver Branch location, exams may be proctored for a fee of $50. Call 303-300-2522 or email in order to schedule an appointment. Please schedule an appointment 2 weeks in advance.

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