DU Anthropology Professor E.B. Renaud’s 1922 Field Notebook

Renaud’s Field Notebook, p. 14.

Etienne B. Renaud (1880-1973) was a professor of Anthropology at the University of Denver from 1920-1948. Born in Paris, France, Renaud emigrated to the United States to study anthropology in 1907. He moved to Colorado due to interest in the history and religion of Colorado’s Native American tribes and soon began teaching at the University of Denver. Renaud was instrumental in the development of the Anthropology Department at DU, becoming its first full professor in 1924. Many of the artifacts collected by Renaud are still held in the DU Department of Anthropology’s museum collections, while his field notebooks and personal papers are in the Special Collections and Archives.

Renaud’s Field Notebook, p. 18

The field notebook featured showcases one of Renaud’s first documented field expeditions, to the Piedra River area (also known as “El Rio De La Piedra Parada,” or “The River of the Stone Walls,”) in southern Colorado.  The notebook is unusual, especially relative to the other field notebooks in Renaud’s papers, in the amount of time and effort taken to document all aspects of the expedition. Renaud has included multiple captioned photographs of all parties on the expedition, beautifully hand-drawn maps, and a wealth of detail about the artifacts acquired during the expedition.

View the full field notebook in Digital DU, the University of Denver’s digital repository.

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