September Book Displays

This month the library is featuring a Latino Heritage Month book display, as well as two additional book displays. The displays are located on the main level of Anderson Academic Commons, by the Lending Desk and by the Special Events room.

Inclusive Theological and Religious Studies

Theological and religious studies are fascinating fields that provide insights into how individual humans and communities have understood themselves and their questions about the world and the divine in light of the human experience. Despite its supernatural subject matter, theological inquiry can be conceived of as a humanistic endeavor that roots reflection on the divine within the matrix of human experience in all of its diverse and manifold contexts. You will find within this collection of Inclusive Theological and Religious Studies books written from diverse viewpoints, including the perspectives of Christian theologians (including our own Chancellor Chopp!), Buddhist feminists, Jewish women, Islamic liberationists, and various theologies and spiritualities from gay and queer theorists. Whether you are looking for a theological text for your own devotional reading, or are simply interested in the religious experience of others, perhaps you will find what you are looking for in this collection.

Abu Ghraib

A global discourse on the ethics and legality of the United States’ interrogation methods has been catalyzed by the release of photographs exposing the treatment of prisoners in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib Prison. These photos demonstrated the conditions and treatment that these prisoners faced during wartime and have incited heated discussion regarding the nature and efficacy of these techniques. Are they effective in producing information? Do they violate the rights of these individuals? Do they breach international or domestic law? Who is to be held accountable? These questions guide an ongoing debate and has brought the treatment of prisoners of war into the global consciousness and the spotlight of American domestic politics.

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