Aren’t all of your journals in full-text online?

Finding full text online

Many of our journals are available online, but not all of them. To find out if a particular journal is available full-text online, enter its name in the Search Library Catalog box on the library’s homepage,  The entry will have [electronic resource] in the title, indicating that it is available online. Other information you will see are the names of the database(s) that contain that journal full-text and the years of coverage available.  Click on the year range you need to access the journal for the given date range.

Learn more about finding full-text articles on our Research Guide  Article Linker: Getting to Online Full Text.

Why aren’t all articles available in full-text?

Access is negotiated with publishers and database vendors, and not all are willing to participate in providing electronic access. In some cases the cost of online access is prohibitive for us. The library must decide how to best provide access to critical materials, given the constraints of cost, equipment, and use.

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