“Real Life Indian” – Photo Exhibit

Viki Rey Eagle, a 2012 alumna of the University of Denver, is exhibiting her photographs on the upper level of the Anderson Academic Commons.  The exhibit, Real Life Indian, displays photographic portraits of Native American DU undergraduates, graduates, alumni, and faculty.  In her artist statement, Rey Eagle writes:

“The Real Life Indian Gallery portrays the
existence of Native Americans in the 21st Century. What U.S. History fails to teach is our perseverance and the sacrifices of our ancestors. What society and media forget is our undeniable existence and instead emphasizes false realities. What people forget entirely……..is that
we are human beings.
This project encapsulates the fears, issues, aspirations, emotions and dreams of what
it means to be a human being
but in particular
a “Real Life”………Indian……..”

Each portrait is labeled with the nation the individual self identifies as.

Real Life Indian is located in the NE corner of the upper level of the library, outside Room 370, the University of Denver Libraries Dean’s Suite.  The photographs will be on display through December 2014.


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