December Book Displays

This month we are featuring three thematic displays for your reading and viewing pleasure.

2014-12-03_1440Fantastic Adventure: Its finally December! That means school has taken a hiatus, the cold is settling in, and holiday cheer can be seen and felt around the city. There’s no better time to kickstart your imagination than with some adventure fiction. From fields and forests to faries and fawns, we’ve got it all in our Fantastic Adventures Book Display. Curl up with a good book by the fire and explore the magic of adventure.

2014-12-03_1443Human  Rights: For this year’s end, we would once again broach the subject of human rights. These issues are constantly developing, particularly in light of increased global interaction and cooperation. This year has presented us with a number of pressing issues that have served to challenge our understanding of human rights. What means are viable in the pursuit of self determination? How does religion guide our understanding of rights? How must we prioritize resources in our pursuit to aid others? Check out these books and explore the human condition with us!

 2014-12-03_1445Sheldon Cooper suggests: Sheldon Cooper, the snide, witty, and arguably best character from the Big Bang Theory television series suggests his favorite literature and film for this December book display. Sheldon is always prepared with a quick comeback or observation, usually related to his favorite subjects: Science and Comic Books. We’ve put together a fun little display that combines these interests, we hope you can learn and laugh with these myriad materials.

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