Can I use images from Artstor in my academic publications?

Artstor does provides approximately 39,000 publication-quality images for use in scholarly publications, in any discipline, free of charge.  These images may not be used for book covers.

The Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) program was initiated by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2007 to enable scholars to provide visual materials to their academic publications, and has grown as more museums participate.

Because the University of Denver Libraries subscribes to Artstor, current members of our community can access the images via the database.  Add “IAP” to your search to retrieve images.  For example, if you would like to find images for costumes from the 1920s, use the advanced search to select the type of medium desired, type iap into the search box, and limit the years from 1920 to 1929:

artstor_iap_1Once you have identified an image you would like to use, click on the IAP icon beneath the image:


A box will pop up with a general notice about the terms and conditions associated with using images in an academic publication.  Click on Proceed:



Another box will pop up prompting you to download the image:


The Terms and Conditions of Use for this image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art then pops up:



For images that aren’t part of the IAP program, or if you need the image for a use other than an academic publication, click on the caption beneath the image for the full record which contains information about rights, as well as contact information:

artstor_iap_6The rights for this image from The Museum at FIT:


More about the museums involved in the project, the number of images available from each, information about rights, and contact information at Artstor can be found on the IAP page.

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