Does the library have audiobooks?

The University of Denver Libraries has started collecting downloadable audiobooks via Overdrive. We have a small collection of 100 titles to start, but the collection will be built based upon recommendations from DU faculty, students, staff, and alumni. You will need a valid DU ID and passcode to access the collection and to make recommendations.

NOTE:  Each patron is limited to THREE recommendations a month, and please note the  types of publications we WILL NOT purchase listed at the end of this blog.

Here is the link to the Overdrive Homepage:

For help downloading audiobooks from Overdrive, consult this page.

From the library’s homepage, type overdrive into the “Databases” search box…




…and then click on the Overdrive link on the next screen:


When you get to the Overdrive page, sign in with your DU ID and passcode, so that you can download the audiobooks we own, or make recommendations.  You may make 3 recommendations a month.





Click on the Search button, then type the title of the book or author (or combination) into the search box.  If no matches are found, then scroll down to see if the item is available as an audiobook:





NOTE:  When Overdrive upgraded their interface in December 2016, ebooks began appearing as well.   We do not purchase ebooks through Overdrive, so look for the item that says “Audiobook,” and click on “Recommend.”  [Overdrive is trying to fix this problem.]


When you click on Recommend, you will be prompted to either place a hold (or not) on the item, and to be notified when it is available:




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