Center for World Languages and Cultures Joins AAC

The Center for World Languages and Cultures (CWLC) has moved into a new home in the Anderson Academic Commons. CWLC’s Tutoring Program was already housed in the Language Center at AAC, south of the Math Center and east of the Writing Center. Starting July 27, the CWLC offices, formerly located in Sturm Hall, will be housed in AAC 333, 334, and 336.

The Center supports teaching and learning of world languages and cultures at DU, promoting global citizenship and connecting students with their greater international community. The Tutoring Program in the Language Center offers peer support for students who are taking language classes or preparing for language proficiency exams, or who just want to practice conversation in a foreign language. The Language Center also also provides a comfortable space where students can study, write, or work on language-related projects in the company of other dedicated language learners. They have plenty of books, iPads, and other materials for language learners to use.

CWLC administers the language placement tests given to undergraduate students who already have foreign-language experience, in order to find the best language class for them to satisfy their foreign language requirement. They offer the STAMP4S graduate language proficiency examination, which is available for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. This computer-based assessment can be used by students to satisfy the foreign-language requirements in the Korbel School of International Studies, the International MBA program, or the International and Intercultural Communications program. They also administer the written language proficiency exams that can be used to satisfy foreign-language requirements for graduate students in English, Geography, Anthropology, Art History, and Religious Studies.

CWLC offers instruction in less-commonly taught languages through two separate programs: classroom-based instruction and Directed Independent Language Study (DILS). Classroom-based instruction allows students to learn such less-commonly taught languages as Bosnian and Tibetan in a group setting. CWLC actively solicits suggestions for new courses to develop in this area. In DILS, a student meets regularly with a native-speaker Language Partner, and is assigned a Language Coach who provides guidance and advice on learning strategies and techniques. Flexibility is one of the major advantages.

CWLC works closely with the DU Study Abroad program, helping students to prepare for positive cross-cultural learning experiences in other countries, and positioning them for a deeper understanding of the differences and interdependencies that characterize our world. As part of DU’s Office of Internationalization, they also help to put on annual events like CultureFest and the Internationalization Summit.

DU’s Center for World Languages and Cultures plays a pivotal role in promoting linguistic and cultural understanding and advancing DU’s vision to be a great private university in service of the public good. University Libraries is excited to welcome CWLC into the AAC family!

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