How do I suggest a purchase?

We have several ways you may recommend items for the library to purchase.


To suggest the library purchase a book, DVD, or database, or to start a periodical subscription, you can fill out the Suggest a Purchase form located under the Collections & Archives tab on the library website:



Another way to recommend a purchase is through our library catalog.  We have loaded brief records in the library catalog for books we believe would be nice to have in the collection, but we will not purchase unless a patron requests (this is called a “Demand Driven Acquisition” model). These books are easily recognized because the title and author are all in caps, and there is no other information visible on the results page:

suggest_purchase_2 If you come across such a record, click on the title of the record, and then click on the red Suggest Library Purchase this Title! link.  Whenever possible, we add a Google Preview link so that you can do some evaluation of a title before suggesting the purchase.

suggest_purchase_3When you place the request, you can indicate how quickly you need the book to come.


For audiobooks, you can recommend we purchase via OverDrive.  Please read the Does the library have audiobooks? blog post to learn more about this option.


You also still have the option of contacting your department’s liaison librarian directly to make a suggestion.

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