Announcing Kanopy, New Streaming Video Collection

2015-09-30_1441You may already know that the University of Denver library features a physical collection of many thousands of films and documentaries on DVD and VHS. This fall, we are pleased to announce the availability of a major addition to our existing holdings: an exciting new streaming video resource called Kanopy!

Think of Kanopy—which includes titles from the Media Education Foundation, the Great Courses, New Day Films, the Criterion Collection, PBS, and other leading distributors—as an academic Netflix library. Kanopy provides access to 26,000 titles, from documentaries on various educational and current topics to feature films and other performances, including plays and musicals.

The variety of titles cataloged by Kanopy can be demonstrated by a tour through just a miniscule slice of its collection: you can watch a PBS documentary on Johnny Carson, the “King of Late Nite,” and follow that up by tuning into a lecture by Noam Chomsky entitled “Language and Mind.” Then, take a break with top picks from the international cinema category: for example, if you happen to know Swedish (or don’t mind the subtitles), you might enjoy the film adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. You could then return to Kanopy’s nonfiction holdings with God Loves Uganda, a 2013 documentary on troubling aspects of growing evangelical movements in the African country, or by taking your pick of one of nearly 40 Ken Burns documentaries, covering everything from the American Civil War to the The Shakers, a celibate and pacifist sect of American Christians.

The Kanopy landing page even has its streaming collection laid out helpfully like other popular streaming services, promoting new additions to its library, showcasing videos relevant to current events, and highlighting films of general interest to American culture. Once there, you can browse furthermore by exploring the various subject categories and sub-categories from the top left menu bar, from Education and Business in general to more circumscribed topics like Midwifery and LGBT Studies.

Over the coming weeks, Kanopy titles will begin appearing in searches of the main Library Catalog, but for now, get started exploring the many video titles newly available through the University of Denver’s new streaming service, Kanopy!

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