Digital Commons @ DU

University of Denver recently launched its institutional repository – Digital Commons @ DU –


Institutional repositories (IRs) bring together all of a university’s research under a single interface. The goal is to prDigitalCommonsBlog1ovide access at no charge to a broad community and expose the University’s research worldwide. Access to the intellectual output of the University of Denver is sometimes mandated by grants (like the National Science Foundation). Scholarly output including data sets, images, textual materials, and media files can be accomodated in the repository.

An example of Digital Commons @ DU providing access to a grant-funded is the Natural Knee Data project. The Digital Commons provides a way for grantees to fulfill their open access obligations.

Major parts of Digital Commons @ DU include:

Electronic Theses and Dissertations from 2008 to present:
Mathematics Preprint Series submissions from 2011 to present:
Graduate School of Professional Psychology Doctoral Papers and Masters Projects:

More content will by contributed in the coming months.
If you have questions concerning how to contribute content to Digital Commons @ DU, please contact your subject liaison:

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