December Book Displays

The Library is featuring three thematic book displays in December.  Enjoy!

Star Wars: The new Star Wars movie is just around the corner! If you have not had a chance to see the previous six movies, now is your chance! Delve into the Star Wars fandom and discover just what it’s all about. If these are old favorites, maybe you’d like to see what others have to say about the fandom from a research perspective. Take steps now to prepare for Star Wars Episode VII: coming to theaters December 18, 2015.

Holiday Cooking: Hear that rumbling? No, Yellowstone’s not going to blow. . . that’s your tummy! Get ready to rock the holidays with these scrumptious books. Delight your friends and family with your dishes. Get creative with your confections. Be bold with your baked goods. You won’t have to worry about giving anyone food poisoning this year. We’ve got something for every skill level, from dishwasher to head chef. Bon appetit!

Let it Snow: Winter is upon us here in Colorado! With that comes snow and all the various activities that can be done in the snow. Here are some books to explore ideas of what to do outside, or you can just keep cozy indoors and live vicariously through the words.

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