Writing Group

Every Friday from 10-1, a group of graduate students and faculty meet in the Chan Classroom (room 284) at Anderson Academic Commons to work and talk about writing.  This writing group stands out because it is a collaboration between DU’s IRISE and the Writing Center that seeks to create a supportive community of writers who are underrepresented in academia — or whose work is underrepresented in academia.   It’s an interdisciplinary group, and the goal is to create a diverse and inclusive conversation about writing while being productive at the same time.

The group has only been meeting a short while, so the sessions have yet to settle into a distinct pattern.  In general, there has been a lot of time to work, but there has also been time to reflect, discuss, and ask questions.  One session covered a range of topics: advice on literature reviews, thoughts on audience, practical revision tips, and a discussion on the conflict between academic style and authenticity in writing.  Another session focused more on work with a bit of conversation about the projects people had brought with them to work on.  As the group continues, there will be some weeks with consultants from the writing center, workshops, and presentations.

IRISE stands for “Interdisciplinary Research Incubator for the Study of (In)Equality” and is a part of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  Its goals are to “1: facilitate the interdisciplinary teaching and learning, collaboration, research, scholarship, and creative works that seek to promote equality in historically underrepresented communities, and 2: develop, support, and implement academic programs and activities that seek to promote the advancement of historically underrepresented populations in the Academy.”  The Writing Center “supports and promotes effective writing across the University of Denver campus.”  This includes working with people at any stage of the writing process in a non-evaluative setting.

The continued collaboration of these two centers is exciting.  The Writing Program has previously participated with IRISE’s Roger Salters Doctoral Writing Institute which has similar goals to the Friday writing sessions but “is intended to support students through the writing process from beginning and end.”

IRISE and the Writing Center invite graduate students, staff, and faculty to join this writing group.  Participants can come for the whole time or drop in as their schedules allow.  Light snacks are provided, but feel free to bring a lunch.  For more info, contact Juli Parrish at wrc@du.edu.

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