Open Access Week at AAC – October 22-28, 2018

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Open Access Week is an annual scholarly communication event focusing on raising awareness about the costs and limitations of the current publishing environment, and teaching instructors, students, and academics about education resource alternatives. Anderson Academic Commons will be hosting four events during Open Access Week to inform the DU community and start the conversation here. Read below for a schedule of events open to students, staff, faculty, instructors, researchers, alumni, and the DU community at large. Visit for more information about the international movement.

Please click here to register for these events. Food will be served.

Monday October 22, 6-8pm: Paywall: The Business of Scholarship film screening and panel discussion; Special Events Room AAC 290

Paywall: The Business of Scholarship explores the current publishing model and need for open access to research and science. Academic publishing has become a $25.2 billion industry where academic publishers are reaping the rewards and the profit. This film will be followed by a panel discussion of faculty and interested parties to connect the film’s goal with how we do research here at DU and in Colorado. Dinner will be provided.

Tuesday October 23, 4-6pm: OER Basics Workshop; The Loft AAC 340

Open educational resources: Not just “free, as in food,” but also “freedom, as in academic.”

Open educational resources [OER] are textbooks, worksheets, test banks, etc., released under a license which allows free distribution and modification.  Here “free” means not only “zero cost” — as in “free food” — but also “not subject to the control of others” — as in “academic freedom.”  OER can thus have real consequences for social justice, as we use them to shield students from today’s insanely overpriced commercial textbooks, while also enhancing faculty members’ academic freedom in the classroom and enabling [encouraging!] innovative pedagogy.  All of this freedom would be rather useless unless there were a large and thriving ecosystem of OER and tools to work with them — which there is, as we shall discuss.

The first half of this workshop will be led by Jonathan Poritz, Associate Professor of Mathematics at CSU Pueblo and the Chair of the Colorado OER Council. The second half of the workshop will be led by Meg Eastwood, focusing on finding OER in your subject area and gauging their quality.

Thursday, October 25, 3-4pm: Creative Commons Workshop; The Loft AAC 340

Creative Commons is a set of open licenses that allow creators to share their works legally and freely. “Creative Commons began in response to an outdated global copyright legal system. CC licenses are built on copyright and are designed to give more options to creators who want to share. Over time, the role and value of Creative Commons has expanded” (Creative Commons). Learn more about CC including how to earn the CC Certificate.

Thursday October 25, 4-5pm: Assignment Remix; The Loft AAC 340

Get rid of the “disposable” assignment and create something new with your students. Open pedagogy encourages remixing and revising assignments that can be used to help current students as well as future students This workshop will explore what open pedagogy can look like in your classroom. Instructors are encouraged to bring an assignment they would like to remix and revise to make it open.

Register here. Contact Elia Trucks,, with any questions or concerns.

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