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#1Day4DU. May 22, 2019. Powered by the DU Bookstore
May 22, 2019
Powered by the DU Bookstore

One Day For DU is the University’s largest annual event for uplifting meaningful DU causes. This year, The University Library Associaton’s project will support information literacy.

Please consider supporting the University Library Association’s One Day For DU project this year and help us achieve our goal of raising $5,000. Visit the ULA One Day website to donate.

Your gift will provide much needed grants to enable faculty to redesign their courses to integrate the University Libraries’ resources and incorporate training for their students in information literacy – the set of skills necessary to navigate a world of information abundance. These redeveloped courses will enhance critical thinking skills in this era of fake news, and will teach students how to successfully navigate the overwhelming amount of information that comes at them. While the library collections are vitally important, so too is the ability to discover and critically assess the information they contain. Through this project, we will create high-impact learning experiences for students, deepening their engagement and development, and preparing them for substantive impact on the world. 

Today you can help the library collaborate with faculty to enable our students to confidently engage with the myriad sources of information that all of us face every day. Thank you!

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