Featured Tool: Research Guides

Need help getting started on a paper or project? The DU Library provides access to 900+ databases to support your scholarship, but the amount of options can be overwhelming. The DU Librarians have multiple methods of assisting you with your work. In addition to Research Center options (including consultation appointments and quick reference help via in-person ask, phone, email, or chat) there is another option to help you get started on your own. Enter, the Research Guides

(Screen shot) DU Library homepage. Cropped and indicated by blue square is the 'Research Guides' search box.

The DU Librarians have carefully curated hundreds of resource guides that can help you discover and narrow down the databases and credible web sources that will get you started or keep you going in the research process. Simply enter your desired research topic in the ‘Research Guides’ search box on the DU Library homepage or click on the ‘Research Guides’ link above the box to peruse categories and other breakdown types of available guides. One of the best ways to locate your desired page is to view all of the guides organized by ‘Subject’. There are currently 59 subject options ranging from Art & Art History, to ChemistryEconomicsMarketingSocial Work, and so many more! 

(Screen shot) DU Library Research Guides header, reads: "Welcome to Research Guides!"

Below is an example of one Research Guide navigation bar where users can open pages for different types of materials with varying points of focus on the general topic, APA style citation for Business.

(Screen shot) Title and navigation bar included in the Research Guide "APA Style Guide for Business: Introduction 6th ed."

Each guide is personally created by a DU Librarian who is available for consultations to assist you in navigating the resources linked to each page and support your academic endeavors further as needed. The guides are thoughtfully made with known projects and assignments in mind, and to include alternative approaches to each topic, various types of resources and brief descriptions of each, as well as tips and tricks to limit the time you spend exploring the databases and set you up for success. Check out the Research Guides or reach out to the Research Center at AAC for more help!

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